The hidden gem of the Adriatic sea

As I mentioned earlier, I’m from Croatia – little country of more then a thousand islands. One of those islands is the island Olib – and I’m free to say it is real hidden gem of the Adriatic.

Located on the border of north Dalmatia and Kvarner, and it belongs to the northern Dalmatia islands.

Olib sunset

Olib is first mentioned in the time of ancient Greece, by historian Strabo calling it “Aloip”.

It is not famous touristic place, and there are less then a hundred people living there at moment. During the summer months population rises up to maybe 500 people – mostly “old” tourists (like me) and boaters.


It is sad to see such a lovely place goes down, especially when there were times, some two hundred years ago, when there were over 2000 people living in Olib, a school with over 2oo pupils, grocery stores, mercant fleet. They had great agriculture made of olive oil making and wine making.


But, due to world war II., and downy mildew whic occured in the begining of the last century, most of the population went away, to seek better life – mostly across the Atlantic, to the States.

simply blue…

Olib is beautiful island, there are no hotels there, or apartment complex, but the nature, the sea and the beaches are stunning! I hope you will enjoy the view.



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