Dvigrad – hidden ruins in the heart of Istria

I come from Croatia, the country with thousands of islands, and several of the peninsula.


One of the peninsulas, the largest in the Adriatic Sea, is called Istria. Istria is shared by Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, but most of it is in Croatia.


Istria is magical land, full of secrets and legends, beautiful architecture and rich gastronomy and enology. One of these sites is Dvigrad (which means “two towns”, “two castles”), located in front of the village Kanfanar.

Some time ago, we visited the ruins of Dvigrad, and with the story of this old ruin, here come a few photos of this magical and beautiful place.

Dvigrad (the floor. Duecastelli, Docastelli, which means the two towers) are the ruins of a medieval town located in Istria. Thanks to the excellent strategic location, close to water and plenty of fertile soil, the area was already inhabited in prehistoric times. In historical sources Dvigrad was first mentioned 879.g.

Today, the visible remains are the ruins of the largest urban settlement in Istria and provide a unique picture of a well preserved typical medieval town, ie. The castle. The city is surrounded by double defensive walls, interconnected by three city gates. Within the walls, there have been preserved remains of more than 200 buildings and lines of communication between them.


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