Cheese, olive and wine and much more

Hello world! I’m not new to blogging, but I’m new here :).

One should ask – why? There’s not exact answer. I guess we all try to improve ourselves with time. Improvement and progress, always going forward – never completely satisfied with the things you’ve done because you know you can do it better.

This is just another try to make something useful and good, honest – without much philosophy.

Why the name “Cheese, olive and wine”? In this “www sea” of names and titles, this was the first thing that came up in front of my eyes. Cheese, olive (olive oil, to be precise) and wine – simple, daily stuff, but far more important in our lives then just “daily stuff”.

These three little things are present in my every day life making it “tasty” and more enjoyable – hopefully, they will enrich your life too 🙂



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